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Add a Photo - Add a personal photo to your customize your products. Add them to bangles, necklaces, bracelets, key chains and more!

Upload your photo and specify which product it is for on your order. 

If the charm is meant for something already owned please specify: JUST THE PHOTO



Photos must be less than 10 mb.

Choose a photo that is well lit. Lighting in front of the faces, not from behind.

As photos get smaller they tend to get darker so a dark photo will be very hard to see.

Choose a photo that has a high resolution. That will keep the most detail as it is made smaller.

Do not choose a collage of photos. Try not to use photos of photos.

Do not use a photos of a computer monitor.

Do not choose a very tightly cropped photo with a face close to the edge. This make cropping very tricky and may result in wasted space.

If you are choosing a photo with multiple people, try to choose one with the people close together. If there is distance it will reduce the detail.

All items carry a 60 day warranty. If they fail under normal use they will be replaced at no charge. Warranties begin from the tracked date of delivery. In order to get the replacement the original may be requested to be returned. Finders Keepers Creations is not responsible for the cost of return shipping from the customer to Finders Keepers Creations. To initiate a warranty claim please contact


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    memory bracelet for my mom

    Posted by Peggy Turnipseed on 15th Jun 2020

    My mother loved it. It was awsome in every aspect. Great quality work!