Contest Rules

By participating in any Finders Keepers Creations Contest you are agreeing to all the following rules.

Finders Keepers Creations decides the winner(s) in all contests.

Facebook is not associated with Finders Keepers Creations in anyway. Facebook is not a sponsor nor are they responsible for any prizes, complaints, or administering any contest.

At the discretion of Finders Keepers Creations contests may be extended, shortened, suspended or canceled without notice.

All contests that have time limits are based on the EST time zone.

All products are shown and/or described in the web site store. When being offered as a prize all products come as the basic configuration. Any additional charms, colors, ribbons, or closures that you wish to add will be invoiced at the standard price.

Being a previous winner does no disqualify a person from future contests.

Any physical prizes must be claimed within twenty-four (24) hours of notification of being the winner. Instructions for claiming a prize are posted with notifications of being the winner. Instructions must be followed completely in order for a claim to be valid.

No other person then the one named as the winner may claim the prize. This excludes any friends or family members. Claiming on behalf of another is strictly prohibited.

After twenty-four (24) hours post containing notifications of winners may be deleted or edited. This does not affect claims already sent.

Custom prizes may carry a $5 shipping fee for US prizes and $15 for international prizes.

Prizes are treated as orders and are produced first come, first served and may take up to four to six weeks to be delivered.

No discounts offered through contests may be applied to sale items or shipping charges.

Referral submissions may be hidden from public view. All proper entries are counted and tracked by Finders Keepers Creations.

Prizes and future eligibility in Finders Keepers Creations contests can be forfeited for abusive, disruptive, profane, negative, and/or harnessing behavior on Facebook or through email. Prizes are meant to generate good will and happiness for fans.